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INVEST IN SLOVAKIA – Prešov region

Slovakia is an ideal investment destination mainly because of its political & economic stability strengthened by the common European currency Euro, simple and fair taxation system incl. flat tax rate, availability of highly skilled and educated workforce offering the highest labour productivity in the CEE region with favourable labour costs and flexible Labour Code. Infrastructure that is growing steadily, large selection of industrial land and offices available for purchase or lease, harmonised investment incentives and high innovation potential for R&D projects are further assets of the country.
Last but not least, the country has a favourable location in the heart of the Europe, between East and West, and between Poland, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.
The country’s high and fast economic development serves to explain its having the highest GDP growth in the European Union in 2007 and the second highest in 2008. Because of the world economic crisis the GDP growth in 2009 was negative, but still Slovakia managed to maintain one of the best GDP growths in 2010 and 2011 in the EU. In 2012 Slovakia is expected to have the GDP growth in positive numbers again.
The country enjoys positive ratings from international rating companies and gained the best position among the CEE countries in World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Current best investment opportunities are observed in sectors R&D, Design & Innovation, Technology centres, ICT development, High-tech sectors and Tourism centres. Additional opportunities can be found in the traditionally strong sectors with the growth potential found in Slovakia: Machinery & Precision engineering, Automotive, Metallurgy & Metal processing, Electronics and Chemistry & Pharmacy.


Basic data:
Area: 8 998 km2 (18,3% of territory of the SR)
Population: 800 483 (14,8% of population of the SR)
Economically active population: 384 787 (47,7%)
Mean age: 33,67 years
Density of settlement: 88 inhabitants / km2
Capital of the region : Prešov (92 720 inhabitants)
Prešov self-governing region is located in the north-east part of the Slovak Republic which is administratively divided into 8 regions.

The Prešov region by its area of 8 998 km2 takes 18,3 % of the state´s area – it is the second biggest in Slovakia.
With its 800 483 inhabitants it is the most densely populated region of Slovakia.
The long northern border of the region forms at the same time the state frontier with the Poland (360 km) and in the east the region borders on the Ukraine. This location gives the region a border character and underlines its potential for development of cross border cooperation.

What is characteristic for Prešov region ?
advantageous geographic location – possibility of business cooperation with Poland and Ukraine,
natural beauties sought out mainly for relax and health,
diversified structure of economy,
long term tradition in industrial production,
geographical predispositions for development of enterprise,
relatively low wage and production costs,
established foreign investors

SWOT analysis of Prešov region

Favourable demographic development
Main transportation corridors allow connections to the Slovak national transportation system
High forest coverage of the area, strong potential of forestry
Development of traditional industries and crafts
Free production capacity for placing new production (territory, human resources),
International airports in Poprad and Košice
Qualified labour force – nice number of population with university education
Favourable conditions for development of tourism and additional services
Supplies of geo-thermal waters and mineral springs
Unsatisfactory structure of industry and a rather low level of employed technologies
Limited investment possibilities of utilising disposable reserves of raw materials
Insufficient network of provided services
Insufficient level of transport and technical infrastructure
Lack of financial resources to modernize production and implement new technologies – innovations
Lack of initial and development investment
Development of wood processing and furniture industry
Vicinity of the international airport – variability of transportation possibilities
Finalising construction of national motorway network
Possibilities of cross border cooperation – formation of new working positions, in tourism above all
Development of small and medium enterprises in services
Increased interest in rural tourism
Harmonisation of study programmes at schools and universities based on a labour market analysis
Utilising natural potential of mineral and thermal springs for tourism, spas, geothermal energy for
heating and rural tourism development

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Assistance in the creation of joint ventures between Slovak and foreign companies
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